Getting the “Feel” of Trademarks

Sometimes the texture or feel of a product can be a trademark.  For example Reg. No. 4953855 protects “a stamped metal texture design of stylized flowers and curved lines in a repetitive pattern” for bird feeders:


Reg. No. 4375463 protects “the three dimensional configuration of a surface texture on a surface of a football kicking tee”:


Reg. No. 3995345 protects the distinctive wood-grain texture design utilized as a surface feature on packaging and displays:


Reg. No. 3348363 protect a spherical personal fragrance dispenser that resembles a basketball, which: 1) contains lined marking that run throughout; 2) contains a flattened bottom for balancing purposes; 3) contains a “pebble-grain” texture; and 4) contains a rubberized “soft-touch” feel:


Reg. No. 3896100 The mark consists of a leather texture wrapping around the middle surface of a bottle of wine:


Reg. No. 3845630 protect the configuration of a bottle that is rectangular in shape with a rounding of the edges of the corners below the neck of the bottle. The texture of the neck and body of the bottle has a three-dimensional rippling:


Reg No. 2716919 protects the irregular patterned texture containing leaves in relief on a perfume bottle:


Reg. No. 2751476 protects the flocked texture on a label to be used on a glass bottle: